• Student Books

  • Teacher’s manuals and workbooks

    • Listening Power 1 and 2, Teacher's manuals (Pearson Education, 2011). 
    • openMind 3, Workbook, with Ingrid Wisniewska (Macmillan Education, 2010). 
    • NorthStar: Listening and Speaking, level 5, Teacher’s manual (Pearson Education, 2008). 
    • Writers at Work: The Essay, Teacher’s manual, with Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz (Cambridge University Press, 2008).
    • Writing for the Real World 1, Teacher’s manual (Oxford University Press, 2005).
    • Paragraph Writing: From Sentence to Paragraph, Teacher’s manual, with Carlos Islam (Macmillan Education, 2003).
    • Connect Workbooks levels 1, 2, and(Cambridge University Press, 2004). 
    • College Writing: From Paragraph to EssayTeacher’s manual, with Lisa Rumisek (Macmillan Education, 2003).
    • New Interchange 3: Video Activity Book, Teacher’s manual (Cambridge University Press, 2002).
    • Teddy Bear’s Magic Music, Teacher’s manual, with Tim Collins (Teddy Bear Education, 2002). 
    • Business Venture levels 1 and 2Teacher’s manuals (Oxford University Press, 2000).

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