Dorothy Zemach


I specialize in practical and humorous presentations on language, learning, and teaching. Common subject areas include teaching reading (intensive and extensive), teaching writing (academic and business), teaching skills in an integrated course, self-publishing, and teaching vocabulary. Other topics upon request.

Watch: Full recording of my 2018 IATEFL plenary (YouTube)
Watch: Short presentation: My 2017 pecha kucha at IATEFL (YouTube)

A selection of recent plenary and invited speaker engagements:

Dorothy Zemach presenting at JALT.

Dorothy Zemach presenting at JALT.

  • Is It Possible to Prepare for the Future? Plenary address Zaeyd University, Dubai, March 2024.
  • American Folk Songs, EdYouFest, Athens 2023.
  • Same Goal, New Tools: Machine Translation in the Classroom, Gunma JALT, February 2022, online.
  • Hell in the Hallways, Okinawa JALT, January 2022, online.
  • Let's Get Visible, KOTESOL Reel to Real national conference keynote, October 2021, online.
  • Future Proof, KOTESOL national conference keynote,  February 2021, online.
  • The Discomfort Zone, plenaries EdYouFest, Athens, Greece, 2023; Skyteach Festival, Ekatarineburg, Russia 2019, TESL Ontario, 2019.
  • Sausage and the Law: How Textbooks are Made, plenaries IATEFL 2018, Brighton, England; JALT 2017, Nagoya, Japan.
  • Social Media for ELT Professionals, plenaries TESOL Tunisia 2018, Hammamet, Tunisia; DATE 2017, Dakhla, Morocco.
  • Guilty Secrets: Unpopular but Effective Teaching Techniques, American Language Center 2017 conference, Tangiers, Morocco; Lighthouse Symposium 2017, Big Rapids, Michigan.
  • The Chocolate Museum, plenaries TATE 2016, Tunis, Tunisia; ETAI 2016, Ashkelon, Israel; 1st Annual English Teaching and Learning Conference 2013, Tripoli, Libya; IATEFL Chile 2015; Nicaragua TESOL 2014.
  • The Wizard of TESOL, invited musical presentation with H. Douglas Brown, Mark Algren, MaryAnn Christison, Jun Liu, Joe McVeigh, TESOL 2016, Baltimore, MD.
  • Materials for the Middle East, panel presentation on English as an International Language, TESOL 2011, New Orleans, LA.
  • Music as Metaphor, plenaries BRAZ-TESOL 2018; COTESOL 2017, Aurora, Colorado; National Conference for Teachers of English 2010, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
  • Negotiating ELT Publishing Contracts, academic session panel for the Materials Writers Interest Section, TESOL 2010, Boston, MA.
  • Hasn’t That Book Already Been Written?, plenaries Illinois TESOL-BE 2009, Naperville, IL; CoTESOL 2008, Aurora, CO; MITESOL 2007, Ypsilanti, MI.
  • Using Process Writing to Nurture Successful Writers, Featured Speaker Presentation, JALT 2008, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Using Metaphor for Learning and Teaching, featured symposium presentation, International English Language and Teaching Materials (ELTM) Symposium and Conference 2008, Melaka, Malaysia.
  • Understanding and Coping with Teacher Burnout, plenary address, VATESOL 2008, Richmond, Virginia.
  • Learning Music, Learning Language, featured speaker presentation, with Michael McCarthy and Jeanne McCarten, TESOL 2008, New York, NY.
  • Teacher Burnout, plenary address, Intermountain TESOL 2005, Salt Lake City, UT.