• For ESL/EFL Teachers

    • Azar Grammar, home of Betty Azar. Links to her grammar books and extra material for classroom use. I blog here semi-regularly. 
    • Michael McCarthy's site, with much about grammar and vocabulary, including some excellent videos. 
    • International Teacher Development Institute (iDTi), which offers teacher training courses. Has a nice blog section too.
    • Nik Peachey's blog, with tips and free resources for using technology.
    • Teaching Village, organized by Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, an expert in teaching young learners, but which includes content from a variety of ELT professionals.
    • Vicki Hollett does business materials, American/British English contrasts, and pronunciation. Also has a great YouTube channel.
  • For Fiction Authors

    • Jonathan Caws-Elwitt is the most careful and knowledgeable copy editor and proofreader I know. Bring your polished final drafts to him, and he'll get you to the next level.
    • Anne Victory's editing site. If I'm too busy for you, I'm also happy to send you to Anne. Great with genre fiction of all types.
    • The Chicago Manual of Style's monthly Q & A site. Thoughtful and humorous responses to questions about grammar and punctuation.
    • The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing, a free (!) ebook guide to getting started and doing well.

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